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Since 2005, Wealth Management Partners, LLC has combined the best of large and small financial planning firms to deliver superior client service, advice based on decades of experience, a wide array of investment management options and comprehensive financial planning services.

Unlike advisors who attempt to personally manage their client’s portfolios, we outsource the day to day portfolio management. This frees our professionals to focus on you, your goals and your legacy. It also prevents us from falling into the trap of providing only a small number of cookie cutter type solutions to every prospective client.

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Wealth Management Partners manages assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.

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High school and college students are now working their summer jobs. We all know the many positive lessons of a summer jobs: instilling a work ethic, the good feeling that comes from having earned money in your pocket and the sense of independence that grew as your bank account fattened up. There is one important lesson too many of our young people are not learning. They are not being taught to save. What is even...
Robert Ramos |
Wealth Management Partners sponsored its 3rd annual Day at the Ballpark event for clients on Sunday June 10, 2018. We had a wonderful day at Regency Furniture Stadium with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs! Attendance at this event doubled from last year! We were thrilled to host some many clients and their families. It was a wonderful day. The new caterer did a wonderful job. Lots of kids went home with a foul ball. We...
Robert Ramos |
The following information is from a True/False quiz about Social Security retirement benefits from Kiplingers . Below are the items that have consistently generated the highest levels of misconceptions during conversation with clients over the years. We have also noted some additional thoughts of our own in italics.) For roughly two-thirds of American retirees, Social Security represents more than 50% of their retirement income. True. Social Security makes up the majority of income for about...