We were filled with excitement as 2020 began. It was our firm's 15th anniversary and we had big plans to celebrate. As you might have guessed, almost all those plans were dashed.

We did remain committed to do another Random Acts of Kindness campaign like we did during our 10th anniversary year. With all the pain in the country due to COVID-19, we decided to expand the program. Instead of sending $100 to 50 clients, we sent $100 to 100 clients.

The premise of the campaign is simple; give the $100 to someone in need. We then asked the clients to send us the story of their Random Act of Kindness. We took all the stories and made them into a booklet. Names and some details were changed to protect identities.

In 2015, we were thrilled with the stories that came back to us. 2020 was no different. We have some amazingly thoughtful and dedicated clients. We want to thank all of them for taking the concept and intent of this campaign to heart.

Before you begin reading, we'll provide you with the same warning we did in 2015---you may want to have some tissues handy!!

Wealth Management Partners Random Acts of Kindness 2020