Foundations of Financial Planning: Cars

by Robert Ramos on
Americans fascination with the automobile has a long history. Americans fascination with money also has a long history. Unfortunately, these two historical American affinities can collide in such a way as to jeopardize or weaken the financial future of individual Americans.

How are Your Retirement Income Sources Taxed?

by Robert Ramos on
Planning for taxes when taking distributions can be as important as managing the retirement income sources themselves. The information below is a very basic discussion and is not meant as individual planning advice. Please schedule an appointment with our financial planning professionals to discuss a suitable tax management plan for using your retirement assets.

The Teaching Moment that is The Summer Job

by Robert Ramos on

High school and college students are now working their summer jobs.

We all know the many positive lessons of a summer jobs: instilling a work ethic, the good feeling that comes from having earned money in your pocket and the sense of independence that grew as your bank account fattened up.


Our 3rd Annual Day at the Ballpark!

by Robert Ramos on

Wealth Management Partners sponsored its 3rd annual Day at the Ballpark event for clients on Sunday June 10, 2018. We had a wonderful day at Regency Furniture Stadium with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs!

Attendance at this event doubled from last year! We were thrilled to host some many clients...

Social Security Basics

by Robert Ramos on

The following information is from a True/False quiz about Social Security retirement benefits from Kiplingers. Below are the items that have consistently generated the highest levels of misconceptions during conversation with clients over the years. We have also noted some additional thoughts of our...

Lessons from a Bad Mentor

by Robert Ramos on

We all have positive role models and mentors in our lives. These people set wonderful examples for us to follow and they demanded that we in turn set good examples for others. They are the ones we remember with fondness and to whom we owe our eternal thanks.

Then there are those on the other side...

What makes a good advisor?

by Robert Ramos on

What makes a good financial advisor?

There are all kinds of articles on the internet about how to find a financial advisor. Asking people you trust for a referral is one of the best. Emailing a questionnaire you found online to a dozen advisors is probably the worst.

However, once you set an...